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Please look at this event. If you participate you will be in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Also all the authors including myself will be there signing our books and the compilation book of all of our stories. Thank you


About my book

After years of teaching guitar and using the standard guitar lesson books that were available I decided to create my own simpler method. I spent 4 years writing it while I was teaching. I made modifications along the way so I could create the simplest way possible. By making it easy I saw it created excitement in the student. Once they saw it was not as hard as they originally thought and yes they could actually learn how to play and sound good quickly they wanted to keep learning! By using the simple methods outlined in the book people learn how to play properly right from the beginning and it sounds good right away.
I started teaching when I was 17. I have taught over 1000 students so far. This method is fun and exciting! You will want to keep playing after you see that it is not as hard as you had originally thought.

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